Killing Yourself

“Prayer without fervency and violence is no prayer; it is speaking, not praying. Lifeless prayer is no more prayer than the picture of a man is a man.”  Thomas Watson

This idea of violence to one’s self might be offense to modern man, but it is not out of date for the believer. Watson was a Puritan who spoke passionately about the (…)


The best book (I wrote) for Christian teens wanting to date

I wrote a book for Christian teens back in 2009 called B4UD8 (Before You Date) along with my husband Michael. Although some may know me more infamously for my 2003 release Dateable, few know that I never speak on Dateable and that B4UD8 (and my husband Michael) were game changers for me. I wish I could say that B4UD8 was as (…)


Growing Up

The person I am today looks so much different than the person I used to be. One of the great things about God is that he’s always changing you, making you better, if only you will let him. For years I thought I knew it all and what’s more I thought everybody else didn’t. And so I started writing books, (…)

Mark Twain's Mess

God Bless this Mess

My husband Michael shared with me recently a series of photos of geniuses and their desks. People like Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, and others with extremely messy desks (my husband included.) It was a powerful visual reminder of a lesson I have been learning lately (and a gentle encouragement from my husband.)

When my house is neat, clean and pristine I (…)


Where is God?

“If your life is off track, if you are unhappy and can’t figure out why, know that the joy probably left when you started thinking more about yourself than about God, more about your worries and your dreams, more than his thoughts and his plans. When the God Girl (or guy) isn’t continually thinking about ways to make him happy (…)


Under Attack

Your worry makes you the center of everything. When you say “I just feel like I’m under attack,” or “everything in life is against me,” because hard things are happening, you subconsciously take your eyes off of God and put them onto yourself. For the believer, life is never an attack, you are never a victim. No, all of the (…)


Beggars wear rags

I must confess that when I see people begging on the street or selling homeless newspapers and they have on nice clean and new looking clothes, I immediately think it’s a scam. “If he was homeless he wouldn’t have on clean clothes,” I tell myself. It’s got to be a scam. What is he trying to pull over on people. (…)


I need your help!

Greetings God Girls,

I need your help with something. Do you like movies? Do you like music? Do you like great stories? Then I need you to take time and spread the word about a fantastic movie with a great story AND great music that releases this coming Friday, Oct. 4th. The movie is Grace Unplugged and even though it’s not (…)

Simple Surrender

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